SoftGaff develops, manufactures and markets a range of digital fishing tools and accurate fish measurement instruments for the global recreational fishing industry and tournament fishing scene.

At present, this relates to the AccuMat™ and AccuLog™ digital fishing app.

SoftGaff’s product range – existing products and those currently in development – have had international patent applications lodged to cover both the physical products, as well as the app technology and functionality.


John and Ray Callingham

SoftGaff’s product designs have materialised from John’s lifelong love of fishing, and have largely been due to the influences of his father, Ray, with whom John has always fished.

For many years – often while on the water – John initiated various product ideas. If they both agreed to develop an idea further, Ray would man the drawing board and John would write the first draft patent specifications.

From the true essence of recreational fishing, when a parent first teaches their child to fish, this father and son team has developed an innovative product range for the recreational and tournament fishing industry.

There are plenty more products on the drawing board too!