AccuMat™ fish measuring mat

AccuMat™ is an accurate fish-measuring device designed for recreational and tournament anglers.


Unique features and benefits

• Accuracy of measurement – designed and confirmed by precision engineer;
• Ease of measurement identification – available in both metric and imperial units;
• Non-wrinkle measuring mat – no lumps and bumps to affect accuracy;
• Quick visual reference to measurement – great for photos and social sharing;
• Mat retracts into a robust canister – to protect the measuring device;
• Extendable / flip-up nose plate – suitable for a range of fish species and sizes;
• Protective surface for fish scales – inline with SoftGaff’s focus on sustainable fishing;
• UV stabilised materials – to withstand the harsh outdoor environment;
• Easily cleanable – minimal maintenance for years of hassle-free use.

The AccuMat™ is available in both metric and imperial versions, with measurements represented in mm/cm and inches respectively.


Precision engineered and manufactured from UV-resistant and mould/mildew-resistant material, the AccuMat™ has been designed to not fade, stretch or warp, to provide anglers with an accurate fish-measuring mat.


The AccuMat™ rolls out smoothly every time, and retracts into a compact housing which protects the mat when not in use. A fold-away winding handle allows fast and easy retraction.

Fish friendly

The material used for the fish measuring mat protects the slime and scales of fish by providing a non-abrasive surface and a barrier from unsuitable surfaces like carpet or alloy. You can quickly pull out the mat to the required length for the fish, measure your fish, take a quick photo, then the release the fish.


After a long day on the water, the AccuMat™ can be simply rinsed in a bucket of soapy water to provide many years of hassle-free use. No metal is used in the construction of the AccuMat™, so it will not corrode or quickly deteriorate.